Custom Dress Shirts

A custom dress shirt is one of the most common apparels customers buy from us for many reasons. Elixore dress shirts always come with the latest trendsetting designs, elegant styles and are available in a variety of fits including a classic fit, slim fit and more of just the right size and fit that will keep you looking sharp and impressive. Our custom-made dress shirts can be worn anywhere, pair it up with a jacket and it can be worn at a formal event, put a tie on it and it can an office attire, and just a dress shirt will suffice the events such as eating in the restaurant or hanging out at the bar.

Elixore designs the best bespoke custom shirts in Toronto and all over Canada. You can request for any particular custom bespoke shirts, and we will tailor it for you. We have many choices of fabrics available, cotton, fiber, silk, etc. to suit your refined tastes in dress shirts.

Our men’s dress shirt in Toronto and all over Canada are exclusively designed according to your needs. If you want a more formal dress shirt, white should be your color. Blue is good for complimenting any man’s complexion. Other colors will surely make you stand out from the crowd as they are not as common as white and blue.

You can also choose the pattern for your men custom dress shirt, it can be solid, stripes, checks, or whichever you prefer. When choosing collars it is important to know that point collars elongates the face, while the spread collars can stretch out the features. Your dress shirt will be tailored according to your build and preference; it can be regular, slim or fully fitted.

It is important that you are comfortable with what you’re wearing. That is why we offer you men’s custom dress shirts in Toronto and all over Canada. You can choose all the details, from the fabric to the buttons. Our custom dress shirt offer you a wide range collar and cuff styles, exclusive monograms and take care of even small details like contrasting thread color of the buttonhole. Your every detail is important for us.

Our men’s custom dress shirts collection is wonderful and necessary items to add to your wardrobe.  Contact us now and we can schedule an appointment with you and we will create a dress shirt made exclusively for you.

Custom Dress Shirts
Custom Dress Shirts