Custom Suits

Men have lots of shoes to fill in when it comes to distinct roles in their life. They can be a business partner, a father, a pal and a lover at the same time. For all these important roles he has to play, all he needs is an excellent suit to impress, that he can be confident in to get through them all smoothly.

At Elixore, we provide the finest quality men’s custom suit in Toronto and all over Canada. A suit does not only have to have a great style or design, but most importantly it must have a great fit. With a custom-made suit, you will look your most elegant and confident self.

We believe that every man has a different taste and our bespoke suits are tailored to match our client’s personality. Elixore can embellish your suit with exclusive monograms (e.g. one’s initials inside the jacket), and you can specify your preferences on lapels types, collar and cuff styles, collar height, etc.

It can be a two-piece suit for more casual events, or three-piece for more formal ones, it can be double or single breasted; your wish is our command. These options are completely missing in ready-made items, and even require expensive alterations and compromises.

Our bespoke men’s suits are designed and styled by high-skilled professionals in Canada. Elixore creates high quality yet affordable tailor made custom men’s suits. You can be elegant and respectable without having to spend all your money. Also, our men’s suits are made from top-grade quality fabrics as we believe in providing only the best to our clients. Get your bespoke tailored suits from our broad selection of high quality fabric, appealing colors and latest styles.

The custom made suits that we make will enhance the character of the man who wears them, as each is made from his own individual taste. Our stylish suits are comfortably worn by their owner as they are the ones who customized them. So, if you’re looking for custom made men’s formal suits, we are here to serve you!

Interested to order custom made suits that you have been looking for?

Contact us now and we can schedule a complimentary appointment with you at your most convenient time. We’ll take your measurements and you can tell us what you like and we will create the best gents suits in Toronto and all over Canada for you.