Custom Trousers/Pants

Have you shopped for trousers/pants but found the selection and options too limiting? Do you have a body type that is hard to fit? What a trouser needs to be is well-fitted and smooth for a man to enhance the wearer’s posture. Trousers are not usually the defining characteristics of a man’s outfit, so it does not have to have an elaborate design. There are many types of trouser pants available, and it shouldn’t be hard to find the right choice for your outfit. However, for quality custom-made trouser pants, your number one option is Elixore.

Our company has a huge array of men’s custom trousers designed by professionals in Toronto. We create dress pants, both pleated and flat front, for your office wear, we also have khakis for a business casual look, corduroys for more casual look, chinos for a young party wear looks—we have all varieties of men’s custom trousers in Toronto and all over Canada. You can even choose whichever fabric you prefer and we can match it with your existing suit jacket.

Our men’s custom trousers collection can be trimmed in regular, classic, slim fit or extra slim fit depending on your build and personal choices. We make sure that we tailor our men’s custom pants in Toronto and all over Canada perfect for your structure, not too tight so that you feel uneasy when you move and not too loose so that you won’t look like a gangster as in case of machine-sewn off-the-shelf and made-to-measure trousers. Our custom trousers are made to conform perfectly to your body.

Our men’s custom pants can be paired with anything for different occasions. Pair it up with a shirt for casual gatherings, dress shirt for the office, dress shirt plus a jacket for a formal event. Elixore should be your go-to tailored trousers.

With our men’s custom pants collection in Toronto and all over Canada, you will be the best-dressed in the whole room. We are one of the best if not the best pants tailor in Toronto and all over Canada. So, what are you waiting for? Just schedule a complimentary appointment with Elixore or attend our local trunk shows and get yourself an elegant bespoke trouser pants that you have been looking for.

Elixore bespoke invites you to enjoy our unique and signature custom clothing experience personalised for you.