Custom Tuxedos

A tuxedo or tux, also known as a dinner jacket or dinner suit, is a formal suit usually worn by men. A tuxedo is different from a suit as it usually has silk in the lapels, button and pocket trim. The trousers also have silk stripes on out-stream. Now that we’ve explained what a tuxedo is, we are introducing you to Elixore, the best place in Toronto and all over Canada for custom tuxedos.

Elixore offers a huge variety of men’s custom-made tuxedos perfect for wedding, proms, formal gatherings and other events. Our men’s custom tuxedo collection is designed by our professional artists in Canada. Their skilled hands are ready to customize the fabric, jacket’s lapels, buttons, trousers, etc. depending on your preference of bespoke tuxedo.

With our bespoke custom tuxedo in Toronto and all over Canada, you can be your own real self as you can order specific customizations. We can precisely personalize your men’s formal tuxedos like putting your own initials on the jacket’s inside or cuff, and contrast the color of the lapels to the jacket. We offer bespoke men’s tuxedos in Toronto and all over Canada that you can wear confidently and comfortably.

At Elixore we have tailor made custom men’s tuxedos for men in every walks of life. We design our men’s tuxedo according to our clients’ requests. You can request for your own bespoke tailored tuxedo that we can tailor according to your build. If you’re tall and thin, a two-button jacket with peak lapels is suitable for you. If you’re on the muscular side, one-button jacket will make your waist look thinner. If you’re short and thin, pleated trousers will elongate your legs. For short and muscular men, a shawl collar jacket with a low button is best for your build.

Our Custom tailored tuxedos can be in any fabric, any colors, any cut, and any particular design – your wish is our command. We schedule appointments with our clients depending on their most convenient time to discuss the details of the tailor made tuxedos that they want. We believe only in providing the best to our customers. We have professional designers and high-quality materials to produce the best of the best gents’ tuxedos in Toronto and all over Canada.

If you are looking for a smart and stylish tuxedo in Toronto and in any part of Canada, contact us now.