• Customer-Service-Policy

Thank you for your purchasing custom-made clothing at Elixore Bespoke. This customer service policy applies to any purchase of goods or services from Elixore Bespoke.The policy may be amended periodically and you will be deemed to have accepted any amendments if you use the website after those amendments have been posted

  1. Elixore Bespoke promises that each garment is professionally cut, constructed and sewn by our own skilled craftsmen, requiring a minimum of 120 hours of handwork tailored to fit your individual style. Our fabrics are from the finest mills in the United Kingdom, Italy and France other major countries around the world. Elixore suits and shirts are expertly tailored, hand cut and hand finished by our best and experience tailors.
  1. Any changes to the order must be made within 3 business days of the payment by contacting us else the order shall be processed. You can contact us via our website www.elixore.com or by sending us an email at info@elixore.com along with all information including but not limited to customer information, order details, required changes etc.
  1. Once the order is processed, it will not be cancelled and no changes to garment type, fabric, and style etc. shall be made either in any condition.
  1. For new (first time) customers, our tailors will ship one item to you within 3~4 weeks for a trial fitting. Once the garments arrive, you shall be informed to schedule an appointment for a trial fitting. Once you are satisfied with the fitting of the first item, we will then advice our tailors to proceed with the remaining order which shall be mailed to you within 4~5 weeks. For repeat customers, the entire order will be delivered within 4~5 weeks and there will be no requirement of a trial fitting unless specified. For your convenience and time saving, we keep your measurements, changes required, purchase history etc.in our records, allowing you to order without being measured every time.
  1. Once the garment is made, there will be NO REFUND in any condition. In case of any issue with the garment, the alteration services shall be provided. Only when it is deemed to be necessary and subject to the discretion of the company, a replacement garment shall be considered whose value shall not exceed the value of the replaced garment.
  1. Please have your garment(s) ironed/pressed in order to feel the proper fit and drape of your garment. When you order multiple items or more than 4 shirts for the first time, our tailors will ship one item within 3~4 weeks for a trial fitting. If you are satisfied with the fit of the first item, please advise us via email or calling us and we shall proceed with the remaining order.
  1. We strongly advice new (first time)customers to bring or wear their best fitting garment to help us ensure a perfect fit. Please avoid wearing t-shirts, jeans and sports shoes.