Shipping& Delivery:
Regular delivery between 4~6 weeks.
Additional charges may apply forexpress delivery within 3 weeks.

Postage & Insurance (All prices in CAD)
$40 per Suit and Tuxedo
$25 per Sportscoat
$15 per Slack/Trouser
$10 per Shirt

Personal Preferences(All prices in CAD)

Knee Lining
Real Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves
– $25
Top Hand Pick Stitching on Lapels
– $25
Shirts (All prices in CAD)
Personal Monogram
– $5
White Collar&Cuffs
– $10
Custom Cuffs, Placket and Collar with Different Material
– $20
Choosing Fancy Fining
– $80
We accept all major credit cards.
Oversize surcharge may apply on extra tall