Wedding Services

You need to own your style in every sense of the word. We often see in wedding photos the groom suited up but unfortunately looking a bit awkward. It’s veryimportant that the fit and the cut of your outfit work with your body shape so that you look great and feel at ease. Making an elegant groom is not about the inside label but the art of custom clothing.

Our groom recognizes that this is his special day and intends to feel and look great from this day forward. This starts by selecting the right items that can be treasured and worn time and time again.

We will come over to you and will give you or you can meet us for the best advice for yourself as the groom and also for your groomsmen. We can get you what you are dreaming off and can work on any style that you may have in your mind. We will do personal fitting for you after the garment is made. After all it’s your special day and we will enhance it with the best suiting and fitting.